Flobo USB Drive Repair Tool

Flobo USB Drive Repair Tool

It enables you to repair the USB flash drive after a virus attack
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Usually, their portability is the blessing of USB Flash drives, but when it comes to virus infections, it's also their curse, as it makes it so much easier for malware and viruses to infect and spread using this kind of devices. Flobo USB Drive Repair Tool is a neat little program that comes in handy in such situations when USB Flash drives have been infected with viruses or malware. Usually, when this happens, the files that were stored on that drive get deleted, hidden, or replaced with shortcuts. Flobo USB Drive Repair Tool can fix exactly these problems in some occasions, restoring files to their initial states.

Besides its repair function, Flobo USB Drive Repair Tool also offers a cleaning feature, as it is capable of disinfecting the USB drive. Therefore, you can use this small tool to prevent the further infection of other systems and devices.

Flobo USB Drive Repair Tool is very simple, small and lightweight. Anyone can use it thanks to its neat and straightforward interface.

Though it looks outdated, I still think Flobo USB Drive Repair Tool is worth a shot when you have to deal with infected USB Flash drives, especially since it's a free tool and using it won't cost you a penny.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free
  • Very simple to operate
  • Supports any kind of USB Flash drive


  • Outdated interface
  • The "Help" button only opens the product's page
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